Grade 7 Entry Level Adult Referee Registration

Adult Referee Registration

(Only for persons currently 18 yrs old and above)


Grade 8 Entry Level Youth Referee Registration

Youth Referee Registration

(Only for persons currently 17 years old and younger)

Getting Certified in North Carolina as a Soccer Referee.
1) Go to

This is North Carolina Soccer Referees main website, where you can find information pertaining to becoming a Referee and Advancing as a Referee. Your screen will display the Main tab of the USSF-NC Central Hub. 
2) On the left-hand side of the Main page it will display 2018 Referee Certification. There are a number of options available to select.

Clicking on 2018 USSF Registration Information will provide a general overview for the 2018 registration year and the requirement changes to some of North Carolinas' Referee Grade levels.
Clicking on How to become an Entry Level Referee will provide you with information pertaining to certify a Referee. It’s important that you click the correct Grade Level; each is determined by your current age.
Clicking on How to Recertify as a USSF Referee will provide information for re-certifying. This information for only persons that were previously a Referee.
How to Upgrade and Become an Advanced Grade Referee is for those Referees that have 3 or more years of experience and wish to further their knowledge and skills as Referee to move towards the Professional Level of the game.
How to Become a Futsal Referee is another option for those that enjoy the indoor sport of Futsal. This certification is different from the outdoor game. This certification should not be considered or confused with the 11 versus 11 game.
Frequently Asked Questions is a great way for Entry Level Referees to have some of their questions answered. Referees should review these questions as they range from 'What age do I need to be to Referee?' to 'How to sign up for Soccer Tournaments?’. 
3) Completing a Registration

Registration occurs during a fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Once a Referee is certified, their Referee Certification applies to the next calendar year and the certification is good for the entire calendar year (January 1st - December 31st).
Completing a Registration requires payment by a credit/debit card and the completion of steps that set up the users’ profile.
Once a Registration is completed, either for Entry Level Grade 8 or Entry Level Grade 7, the next step is complete the coursework.
4) Completing the Online Coursework

Once you have completed you registration, you will also need to complete a list of online requirements.
To view the requirements, go to the USSF-NC Central Hub 
Click the Eligibility Tab which is located at the top of the page.
Scroll to the 2018 Grade that is available to you (Grade 8 or Grade 7) and click the grade.
A list of requirements will drop down. All requirements will need to be completed. Please pay special attention to the instructions to complete the online course material. 
For the online courses, it is mandatory that you view and listen to ALL audio for each slide before continuing to the next slide.
Please allow time for the system to refresh after a course has been completed for it to correctly mark your course with a green check mark.
Lastly, you will need to pass the online certification test.
Please note, if you should get “An error has occur when an error occurred when trying to register your account to this clinic” when attempting to access the coursework, then this would be due to your Internet Browser. Please remove the cookies and cache of your Internet Browser. Restart your browser, or even switch your browser to something like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. It also might be best to restart your computer after you have done this. 
5) The Eligibility Icon

Once your online requirements have been met, your profile will have an Eligibility Icon on your profile underneath your picture. The icon determines that your are now completed and certified. Your assignor should now be able to assign you Soccer Matches. 
Please contact your local Assignor and inform them that you have completed your requirements and that you are ready to work.
Begin purchasing your referee equipment and uniform.
The NCSRA Office will provide you with a 2018 USSF Badge. US Soccer will provide you with a USSF Identification Number. This number is similar to a Social Security Number, as no other Referee will have the same ID Number.

NC Entry Level Uniform Info
The USSF-NC Central Hub
The Schedule Tab
Setting Up Blocks
Adding ARA & Assignor Numbers
Club Player Passes
NCYSA Lightning Protocol
Revisions of the Laws of the Game
Frequently Asked Questions

So you, or someone you know, would like to become a certified Entry Level US Soccer Referee?

Complete the initial registration and payment
 Start on the Online Coursework which can be accessed through the Eligibility Tab on the USSF-NC Central Hub.

Once you have completed all of your requirements you will receive an Eligibility Icon on your profile. You will then be able to work all of the remaining months of 2016 and all of 2017.
In the fall of 2017, you will need to recertify to referee in 2018.
There will be no In Class Clinic's for you to attend, everything is online.


Register to become a Referee today!

The person registering:

Must be at least 14 years old (or will be within 90 days or less)
This is a North Carolina Labor Law.
Must have a valid email address which only they will use.
This email cannot be shared with another individual.
Must have a valid Debit or VISA/MasterCard Credit Card with an expiration date and CID # (the security number on the back of the card)
It is recommended that prepaid cards are NOT used to pay the registration fee
Must have Social Security Number.
This number is required for background checks and payments.
Must submit to a Criminal Background History Check.
This is ran for only persons 18 years old and above.

Become a Referee

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